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   EFCO GROUP JSC was established in June 2007 with the idea to offer complex financial consulting – economic and financial analysis, insurance brokerage, pension and health assurance, representing banks and lease companies in offering their products and services, financial and legal consulting, accounting and audit. 

   EFCO GROUP JSC owns the following daughter companies for its different activities
           - EFCO INS Ltd. – insurance broker
           - EFCO PENSION Ltd. – pension insurance

   EFCO GROUP JSC equity amounts to 650 000 BGN. It is completely private and is shared among 169 shareholders. In its activity to offer financial services, EFCO GROUP JSC collaborates with 26 financial institutions presented on the financial market.

   EFCO GROUP JSC has a national network of 21 offices and more than 2000 financial consultants.

   EFCO GROUP JSC employs 45 qualified persons, 95% of whom hold a higher education degree and have more than 5 years experience in offering financial services.

   EFCO GROUP JSC consults more than 60 000 clients.

   EFCO GROUP JSC publishes the unique for Bulgaria catalogue “The Financial Markett” that presents a selection of the best financial products on the Bulgarian market.

   The company has a one-tier management.

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